Details for Planteome Release Version 5.0 July 2023

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The Planteome Project ( is pleased to announce the latest release of the annotation database and ontology files. In this Planteome Version 5.0, there are 59,485 ontology terms, 3,449,543 data objects (bioentities) and 28,399,673 associations between bioentities and ontology terms. The Planteome database contains data from 125 plant taxa.

Updates and changes to Annotations

Gene Ontology annotations based on InterProScan and via orthology from InParanoid were updated to newer versions of the gene sequences. Several new species have been added. The full list is available on the Link to Annotations by Taxa page. Other annotation files were updated if a newer version was available. All annotation files are available on the Planteome SVN Repository.

Links to detailed annotation statistics

Updates and changes to the Ontologies:


Integration of Crop Ontology files with the Plant Trait Ontology.

Eleven Crop Ontology ( vocabularies have been mapped to the Plant Trait Ontology, and are integrated in the ontology Amigo Browser. Many of the mappings have been updated and improved. A new feature of this Release is the version of each Crop Ontology integrated has been recorded.


Summary of changes to ontology files: Please see the respective wiki page on GitHub