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Project Participants and Collaborations

Oregon State University

Pankaj Jaiswal [Plant Ontology; lab website]
Sinisa Todorovic [lab website]
Eugene Zhang [lab website]
Laurel Cooper [Plant Ontology; Jaiswal Lab]
Justin Elser
Justin Preece
Austin Meier

New York Botanical Garden

Dennis Stevenson [lab website]

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Chris Mungall [lab website]
Seth Carbon

Bioversity International and Crop Ontology Project

Elizabeth Arnaud [Crop Ontology Website]
Marie-Angelique LaPorte
Leo Valette- Integrated Breeding Platform [IBP website]
Vilma Hualla, Omar Benites, Reinhard Simon- International Potato Center (CIP) [CIP website]
Karithika Rajendran, Shiv Kumar- International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) [ICARDA website]
Agbona Afolabi, Peter Kulakow- The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) [IITA website]
and many other partners at all the CG Centers

University of Aberystwyth, UK

John Doonan, University of Aberystwyth, UK [lab website]
George Gkoutos University of Aberystwyth, UK

Species/project-wide collaborators

Project/Species Collaborators and Affiliations
ERA-CAPS UK: John Doonan & Georgios Gkoutos (Coordinators; Aberystwyth Univ), Paul Kersey EBI, Luke Ramsay and Dave Marshall (J. Huttion Inst.), Chris Rawlings (Rothamstead). France: Cyril Pommier, Jacques Legouis, Francois Tardieu (INRA). Germany: Fabio Fiorani & Uli Schurr (Julich) Bjorn Usadel (Aachen Univ.),
Brassicaceae Eva Huala (Stanford Univ.), Doreen Ware (Gramene Database), Chris Town (Arabidopsis Information Portal); Chris Rawlings (ERA-CAPS)
Maize Mary Schaeffer (MaizeGDB), Carolyn Lawrence (Iowa State University), Doreen Ware (Gramene Database).
Triticeae TriticeaeCAP (Jean-Luc Jannink), ERA-CAPS, Doreen Ware (Gramene Database).
Rice Susan McCouch (Rice Diversity), Ken McNally (IRRI and International Rice Information Portal), Saurabh Raghuvanshi (Delhi University, India), Yukiko Yamazaki (OryzaBase, Japan), Doreen Ware (Gramene Database).
Sorghum Andy Paterson (UGA, outgoing letter) and Zhanguo Xin (USDA-ARS)
Rosaceae Doreen Maine and Sook Jung (Genomics Database for Rosaceae/GDR)
Grape Nicola Vitulo (CRIBI, Italy)
Legumes Rex Nelson, David Grant and Steve Cannon (SoyBase); Ethy Cannon (Legume Information System); Leonardo Borges (Legume Morphology Symposium 2015)
Solanaceae Naama Menda (Solgenomics/SGN), Sandra Knapp (Natural History Museum, London)
Poplar Doreen Ware (DOE-KBase)
New crop models Elizabeth Arnaud (co-PI) sorghum, chickpea, pigeonpea and groundnut (ICRISAT), banana, cassava, common bean, cowpea, potato, sweet potato, yam (Simon Reinhard), CIAT. Fiona McCarthy (AgBase)
Pines and Wood David Neal and Jill Wegryzn (Dendrome, TreeGenes and Pine Genome project), Frederic Lens (Naturalis Biodiversity Center and Leiden University, Netherlands)
Non-Angiosperms Stefan Rensing (Physcomitrella genome at COSMOSS)
Open Biomedical Ontologies Suzi Lewis (Gene Ontology Consortium), Phenotype and Trait Ontology (Georgios Gkoutos), Open Biomedical Ontology (Barry Smith), Cathy Wu (Protein Ontology)
Phenotype Standards Carolyn Lawrence (Iowa State University), (formerly Eva Huala, Stanford Univ.) (Phenotype RCN). Co-develop the standard methods for ontology-based phenotype annotations for plants.
Phylogenomics Sandra Knapp (Natural History Museum), Flora of North America (Hong Cui)
Industry Partners We are working with them and will be discussing the prospect of funding and synchronizing public-private efforts in future. Robert Benson (Syngenta Inc.), Clara Augustine (Monsanto Inc.), Hazera Genetics (Shuly Avraham).
Infectious Plant Disease Ontology We are working with the National Program Staff at the USDA-ARS to find support for developing the plant infectious disease ontology and its applications extending towards analyses of gene expression, phenotype and genotype datasets from the host and the interacting agent (pest/pathogen/mutualist/etc.).
iPlant Host the Planteome portal at iPlant (Steve Goff)
PHI-Base Database of curated pathogen-host interactions PHI-Base (Alistair Irvine)