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PO References


The abbreviation PO_REF is used for dbxrefs (for definitions, synonyms, or general use) that do not have a PubMed ID, ISBN number, or stable URL. This can include older books and journal articles, as well as unpublished data sources.
Each reference has its own wiki page, with the name PO_REF:ID, where ID is a unique 5 digit number that is used to create a link to the url in the AmiGO web browser.

PO_REF:00001 Parihar 1967, An Introduction to Embryophyta, Vol. II.: Pteridophytes, 5th Edition
PO_REF:00002 Ritchie et al. 1992, How a corn plant develops. Special Report No. 48, Iowa State University
PO_REF:00003 Robbertse et al. 2011, The Botanical Review 77(1):1-10
PO_REF:00004 Reeve et al. 1969, American Journal of Potato Research 46(10)361-373
PO_REF:00005 Sajo and Rudall, 1999, Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 130(2):171-182
PO_REF:00006 Kaplan, 1980. La Cellule 73:137–203
PO_REF:00007 Boke, 1940. American Journal of Botany 27(2):73-90
PO_REF:00008 Jaiswal_Lab Annotations for Strawberry
PO_REF:00009 Vegis, 1964. Annual Review of Plant Physiology 15:185-224
PO_REF:00010 Barthlott et al. 1997, Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 126(3):237-260
PO_REF:00011 Turgeon 2006, BioScience 56(1):15-24
PO_REF:00012 IAWA Multilingual Glossary of Terms used in Wood Anatomy, 1964
PO_REF:00013 Meier, U.(ed.), Growth stages of mono-and dicotyledonous plants, Edition, 2001. Federal Biological Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry
PO_REF:00014 Eames and McDaniels 1925, An Introduction to Plant Structure and Development
PO_REF:00015 Chandler, B. 1909. Aerial Roots of Acanthorhiza aculeata. Trans. Proc. Bot. Soc. Edinburgh. 24(1):20-24
PO_REF:00016 Artschwager, E. 1931. Suberization and wound-periderm formation in sweet potato and gladiolus as affected by temperature and relative humidity. J. Agri. Res. 43(4):353-364.

ISRR references

ISRR_references is the definition database cross reference (dbxref) used to identify terms that were contributed by Richard Zobel, of the International Society for Root Research (ISRR).

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