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Planteome Collaborators Workshop- PAG 2016

Date: Monday, Jan. 11th 2016
Time: 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Location: Pacific Salons 6/7, Town and Country Hotel,  (Upstairs of the Golden Pacific Ballroom, off the Fountain Court)
Venue map: Hotel Map

The Planteome Project is pleased to welcome you to learn more about the project and join us in a working dinner.

If you are interested in attending, please fill in this short form:

Goals of the Meeting:

  • Introduce the Planteome project and launch Planteome 1.0 beta
  • Provide an update on the progress of the collaboration with the Crop Ontology to map crop-specific trait dictionaries to the Reference Trait Ontology
  • Provide a summary report and overview of the Planteome Curators Workshop, held Nov 2015 in Corvallis, OR
  • Engage Planteome collaborators and the plant genomics community by demonstrating use cases of data annotation for rice, cassava and lentils
  • Seek engagement of the plant genomics community through tools and applications to integrate into your workflow

Meeting Agenda:
5:30 pm Planteome Project Introduction

  • Welcome and Introductions - Pankaj Jaiswal, Project PI
  • Planteome project introduction and progress report - Pankaj Jaiswal, Project PI

5:45 pm Collaboration between the Planteome Reference Ontologies and Species-Specific Crop Ontology [Moderator: Elizabeth Arnaud]

  • Overview of the Planteome Curator Workshop (Nov. 2015, Corvallis, OR): Attended by representatives from CIP, ICARDA, IITA and SoyBase; Laurel Cooper, Planteome Project
  • Creating mappings between the crop-specific trait dictionaries and the Reference Trait Ontology: Marie-Angelique LaPorte, Bioversity/Planteome

6:15 pm  Annotated data use cases [Moderator: Pankaj Jaiswal]

    • Examples of annotations to rice, cassava and lentil germplasm: Austin Meier, Planteome Project and Marie-Angelique LaPorte, Bioversity/Planteome

    6:30 pm Getting Involved: How can other groups contribute? Laurel Cooper, Planteome Project

    • Explanation of the workflow- Use of GitHub Ontology repositories and issue trackers
    • Tools under development for community participation- TermGenie and AISO

        Announcements of upcoming workshop: Pankaj Jaiswal, Project PI

    • ICBO 2016 Corvallis Oregon

    7:00 pm: Dinner and Open Discussion [Moderator: Pankaj Jaiswal]

    • Open discussions will continue

    7:30 pm: Workshop Concludes