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Planteome Release Version 5.0 July 2023

The Planteome Project ( is pleased to announce the latest release of the annotation database and ontology files. In this Planteome Version 5.0, there are 59,485 ontology terms, 3,449,543 data objects (bioentities) and 28,399,673 associations between bioentities and ontology terms. The Planteome database contains data from 125 plant taxa.

New and updated annotation datasets:
- 7675 QTLs from the Sorghum QTL Atlas ( were annotated to the Trait Ontology
- 4431 SoyBase QTLs were annotated with Trait Ontology and Plant Ontology terms
- 26,529 Dogwood (Cornus florida) genes annotated to GO terms by ortholog analysis and IPRScan
- TAIR Arabidopsis GO annotations updated
- Orthology predicted from updated TAIR for 98 species
- Update all annotations for obsolete terms, fixed incorrect aspects, etc

Updates and changes to the Reference Ontologies:
- Plant Ontology: new terms added for endodermis cells and modifications to 'epidermis' terms to prevent confusion with terms used for animals
- Plant Trait Ontology: 31 weights; 15 moisture contents, 53 mineral content terms, 33 other terms
- Plant Experimental Conditions Ontology- 3 new terms for biotic stresses and plant growth medium
- Fixed many definitions, cross references and synonyms etc across all the ontologies

For more details, please visit the Release V5 page: