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Common Reference Ontologies for Plant Biology presented at the G8 Open Data for Agriculture Conference

The cROP project was invited to make a presentation at the recently concluded G8 International Conference on Open Data for Agriculture held in Washington, D.C. on April 29-30, 2013. The conference placed an emphasis on encouraging member states, participating countries from Africa and stakeholders to publish their data on agriculture, thus realizing a shared goal of global food security. Areas of discussion relevant to cROP included the development of standards, semantics and analysis tools for large-scale data generated by biology, genomics, breeding, demography, plant diseases, germplasm curation, phenotyping and genotyping projects in plants.

Project member Pankaj Jaiswal spoke on the following topics: (1) What is an ontology? (2) Why do we need it? (3) How does it help researchers and scientists? and (4) New and existing international collaborations.

The Jaiswal presentation may be downloaded here.