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New Phytologist and the Plant Ontology: Working Together to Enhance Journal Content

TitleNew Phytologist and the Plant Ontology: Working Together to Enhance Journal Content
Publication TypeConference Presentation
AuthorsLennon, S, Cooper, L, Jaiswal, P, Ougham, H, Stevenson, DW
Conference Name

PAG 2015

Conference Date2015
Date Presented01/10/2015

New Phytologist was the first major plant science journal to move to an online-only format. This format offers many new opportunities to make the content of articles more accessible and useful to readers, particularly in the form of content enrichment. Content enrichment can include the provision of additional terms for indexing, the definitions of specialised terms, links to relevant content in bioinformatics and other databases, suggestions for further reading and much more. New Phytologist is developing a process for enriching the content of papers published in the journal, one of the world's leading plant science journals (2013 impact factor 6.545). A key component of the content enrichment process is collaboration with the team responsible for the Plant Ontology (PO;, a botanical ontology that describes plant anatomy and stages in plant development. The PO has been developed by international experts in these domains with considerable and ongoing input from the research community, and it is being used by New Phytologist as the source of a structured controlled vocabulary of defined terms. We describe how we are using the PO to increase the amount of knowledge readers of New Phytologist papers can access, and how this approach can facilitate botanical research and education.

Type of WorkOral Presentation
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San Diego, CA

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