#Phenopackets coming soon to! @chrismungall #PAGXXV15 weeks 1 day ago
Getting ready for some Phenopackets with @chrismungall #PAGXXV!! #Ontology15 weeks 1 day ago
RT @SandyKnapp: Please note the eggplant hovering just behind his ear!! This is an amazing painting up close.... #solanaceae… — 19 weeks 2 days ago Webinar: Analysis & visualization of plant gene Expression data @GrameneDatabase #geneexpression #systemsbiology23 weeks 6 days ago
@Planteome will be attending next week's IC-Food Conference #InternetOfFood @ICBOconf #ontology #food25 weeks 1 day ago
RT @NaturePlants: A lovely pair of papers in Science on thermosensing by phytochromes from @PhilWigge and Jorge Casal… — 26 weeks 1 day ago
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Wheat Fhb1 chimeric lectin with agglutinin & pore-forming toxin-like domain confers Fusarium head blight resistance weeks 3 days ago
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Time Oct 10, 9am-1pm Eastern Be part of the conversation with @USDA_NIFA #NifaAgData on frontiers & future #AgData weeks 2 days ago
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Agree. @Planteome may be able to connect #ontology for traits, phenotypes, genes, @news4go weeks 5 days ago
Looking forward to presenting our work with @AgBioData group! #opendata weeks 5 days ago
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@Planteome & @GrameneDatabase co-organized the Open data: ontologies and genomes exhibit booth… weeks 2 days ago
@Planteome & @GrameneDatabase PIs attended #GODANSummit2016 with folks from #BurkinaFaso & talk about #ontology &… weeks 2 days ago
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